Our People

A cornerstone of our success has been our emphasis on human resourcemanagement.

We recognise the individual abilities of each of our staff (and potential hires), profile, then staff each person accordingly. This way, every member of the Shiners Facilities team is able to excel in their work – boosting morale, efficiency and effectiveness.

At Shiners Facilities, we strongly believe in providing incentives to our staff. There are several ways we do this:

  • By keeping our salaries up to date with the latest market rates
  • Organising monthly get-togethers
  • Understanding the motivations of staff members at an individual level (so we can provide incentives that motivate each person appropriately – be it through community get-togethers, financial incentives, invitations to sports/lifestyle events, medical benefits or others)

Our staff members are kept up-to-date and trained in the latest industry techniques/practices. In fact, we are one of the few cleaning companies in the country that are certified as a WSQ training centre.

It is this dedication to staff motivation, development and retention that makes us unique – and allows us to deliver the promise of top quality service with every assignment we take on.

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